Michael Learns To Rock 《the actor》歌词:and he takes you up\'cause he can show you so muchI go to bed..the actorlrc歌词

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[ti:The Actor]
[ar:Michael Learns To Rock]
[04:24.48][00:06.14]Michael Learns To Rock: The Actor
[00:13.13]He takes you out and he takes you up
[00:18.83]\'cause he can show you so much
[00:24.84]I go to bed and tomorrow again
[00:30.86]there\'s a lot of work to be done
[00:36.86]He gives you gold and he\'ll promise you
[00:42.77]the whole world will be yours
[00:48.65]I just can tell you I love you so
[00:54.74]even though my odds are low
[04:12.31][03:48.43][03:24.65][02:36.39][02:12.61][01:00.71]I\'m not an actor, I\'m not a star
[04:17.73][03:53.78][03:29.88][02:41.72][02:17.82][01:05.94]and I don\'t even have my own car
[04:00.62][03:36.08][02:48.65][02:24.33][01:13.27]But I\'m hoping so much you\'ll stay
[04:06.38][03:42.40][02:54.23][02:30.38][01:18.91]that you will love me anyway
[01:24.88]The dirty games and the neonshows
[01:30.86]this is the world he knows
[01:36.71]Watching the stars satisfies my soul
[01:42.62]thinking of him makes me feel so cold
[01:48.73]The fancy cars and the restaurants
[01:54.79]you\'re just so fond of the man
[02:00.51]Sometimes I wonder if you are blind
[02:06.43]can\'t you see, he\'s got dirt on his mind

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