Michael Learns To Rock 《something you should know》歌词:uthAnd I thoughtThere is something you should knowI could never let you gob

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[ti:Something You Should Know]
[ar:Michael Learns To Rock]
[al:Nothing To Lose]
[03:33.01][00:04.61]Michael Learns To Rock: Something You Should Know
[00:09.20]Drifting back to a time gone by
[00:12.42]she was in my life
[00:16.88]Now I am watching her from my car
[00:23.78]Someone bought her rollerskates
[00:27.91]God am I too late?
[00:32.04]Did somebody else take my place?
[00:39.64]She\'s getting closer
[00:42.56]and as I roll the window down
[00:46.67]I spoke and then she turned around
[00:53.18]And I said: Chorus:
[03:15.01][02:44.36][01:58.26][00:57.00]There is something you should know
[02:47.87][02:01.79][01:00.51]I could never let you go
[02:52.06][02:06.10][01:04.07]because I miss you so
[02:59.39][02:13.56][01:12.27]Baby when the time is right
[03:03.35][02:17.46][01:16.14]together we will fight
[03:07.15][02:21.30][01:19.96]to get you in my life
[01:25.47]Looking back through misty eyes
[01:29.47]but with a fathers pride
[01:33.86]I drive away in my car
[01:41.06]It dosn\'t matter baby
[01:44.21]if it takes a year or two
[01:50.60]you are gonna find the truth
[01:55.04]And I thought

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